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OC's PC Problem Pages

The idea behind this site is to make available as much information as possible about PC systems from our experience over the last few years, anything prior to this is more than likely totally out of date?

It's also based around XP and Vista, as our web access records show that about 96% of traffic to our sites are using these operating systems.

There isn't any specific model information on graphic cards, motherboards on this website as they tend to not be around that long. And we are a support organisation, not a reviewer organisation. The majority of our time is spent troubleshooting systems and applying solutions to our clients problems/requests.

We do suggest you carry out a lot of research, when looking to custom build a system yourself. And buy the best quality you can afford.

The majority of the section on networking is on the site, this also has security, wireless, file, printer & Internet sharing information, and support available for a small fee.

If you find information on this site that is wrong, out of date, too vague, mispelled, etc.